AVE #374: Scott O’Brien

Jeden verdammten Donnerstag. Diesmal: Aethervox Ehrenfeld Origins, aus Koblenz. With first time guest Flatland BMX Legend & BMX Events MC, Firefighter, Coach and Louisiana Local, The Big Easy’s Scott O’Brien (Flatland Voodoo Jam) and Frank Lukas co-hosting. Conversation starts around 00:08:50 minutes in.

ScottO’Brien is Frank’s (I guess that’s fair to say) best friend from the US and I got to know him and his lovely wife Kristi during their annual trip to Germany. They stayed at Frank’s place in Koblenz and I met them again there last Monday after July 4th weekend and our own little independence day party at my place in Cologne. We had a great conversation about his life and and upbringing in New Orleans, his career in the Army, as a fireman and a BMX guy and him traveling the world. He even invented his own language.

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