AVE #471: BMX Bois

Recorded the night before FISE 2023 started at my hotel room in Montpellier. w/ BMX Flatland Judges Frank Lukas, Ryan Russel and BMX Freestyle Host, Mr. BMX himself, Zachary »Catfish« Alexander.

Frank and I sit down with Catfish two years after him and me met the first time at FISE 2021 during the lockdown tyranny. This time we brought Ryan with us, whom we met for dinner, so I just asked him if he wanted to join our conversation. We talk about the scamdemic, Ukringe, China, some racism, the curent things you know. Also we talk about Tartaria, reptilians and free energy, the fun stuff. Let’s see who gets cancelled.

Finde Aethervox Ehrenfeld überall.

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