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Gavin McInnes

This guy to me is a role model on so many levels. I have been following his career since VICE. He invented the modern hipster, taught us how to piss in public and how to eat pussy. He is a writer for TakiMagFOX News contributor, does videos for Rebel Media and is the host of the Gavin McInnes Show on the Anthony Cumia network.

This was initially meant to be a full long format podcast for iTunes. I have been harassing Gavin with eMails since weeks and he finally gave in. This happened sort of spontaneously last Friday night. I already had a little buzz going and got his message that he was in between writing a column and the broadcasting of his show and that he could just go. Of course I immediately agreed and we did a Google Hangout on Air.

Gavin is one of the funniest and bravest people I follow on the Internet. He is immensely inspiring, provoking and also a great source for news and ideas. I’m very happy, that he took the time to talk to me, although he obviously didn’t have any idea who I was and he also didn’t really get anything out of it. You can hear the excitement in my voice (even more then when I did the one with Paul Bearer) and me constantly cracking up. The guy is hilarious.

I would have loved to do a longer format with him and ask about a lot of things and really talk to the guy. As we ultimately only did 30 minutes and there is really no intro/context to it, I am releasing this one only via YouTube and not on iTunes.

We talk mostly about Punk Rock, political correctness, feminism, women being funny and ultimately Leslie Jones. Anyway, here it is:

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